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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes my heart aches for this place, most of the time it's when I'm buried under all the work load I've procrastinated over. It's the only place where my mind is really at rest. Here there is only me and the road which runs over the land. It's only me and the smoggy blue sky. It's only me and the wind that just about knocks me off my feet.

It was refreshing to visit this place again. One day I won't be able to go here anymore and I'll miss it. I'll miss my adventures in the woods, the writings on the pavement. The late night laughter. All of it. 

So even though it's been fun to have spent most of my summer boring a hole my laptop unconciously checking facebook and twitter every 5 seconds, I'm glad I got to go back. 

New photos soon, I promise.

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Here's a volcano in a lake which holds another lake inside which is home to another volcano.

I always seem to meet the most peculiar people along this intersection... 

This moth was in peace little one. Had you been alive, I probably would've screamed the shit out of everyone hiding from your wings.