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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three makes for a wonderful time.

Photographer: Kat Rosario
Models: Katrina Saguemuller 
Mariana Sarrosa
Make-up + Divine Goddess of posing: Sabina Lee

1 hour and 200 photos later. I'm left with these set of photos. I really wish my camera had a auto-focus motor so I wouldn't have to keep fumbling with the manual focus. It gets really hard to focus especially on far distances :( Also, I think my eyesight is slowly deteriorating...I think.

Oh woes me, the life of a penniless wannabe photographer. I pray to the Lord for high grades so I may buy a new camera. 

This is all for now. I pray for more future shoots. Someone get me for a photoshoot! I take photos for free! Just feed me!! :P


  1. you really do have a gift of making any ordinary background appear magical and mystical. I love how the photos always have this forest-like vibe! I would definitely hire you...

  2. lovely photos <3 you all look so beautiful!! and great outfits!!