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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Well, since I'm back from the dead(for now) I'm going to share some photos of how I spent my Valentine's day with you guys. Unfortunately the only photos I have are of those from the afternoon because I didn't have my camera for the later part of the day.

I love this years' Valentine's day because last year I was kind of stuck sending out flowers and selling them to other lucky people. I did get a nice thoughtful blue rose though, that made my day last year. This year was a change because I spent it with my blockmates! We had a block lunch, that's when the craziness ensued. I never used to go out to lunch with my friends, though we did always go to Pancake House and Starbucks...oh I miss my high school friends.

Yellow Roses for friendship :)

Biotech for killmenowihateyousomuchsir

And this photo for...uhh. Well guys, meet my Bessie! I call him Bessie because..wala lang :P OH HERE BESSIE LOOK I HAVE A PHOTO OF YOU HERE NA OK? NOW FINISH OUR FILIPINO HOMEWORK!

We ate at Cyma's in Eastwood, damn the food was expensive but it was goooooood.

We exchanged Valentine's day Kris Kringle gifts :) I got chocolates and flowers. THANKS BEA!

And then we went around to, you know. Shop. As suspected, the boys were bored to death while the girls were going crazy.

I love my block :)

This is the only photo that was taken of me that day. I didn't even notice, sneaky sneaky blockmate!

And what's Valentine's Day without a red rose? :)

Thank you for reading/looking/browsing!


  1. aww, this makes me miss Ateneo & my blockmates a whole lot. we used to celebrate Valentine's together every year. :(

    boat ride through the sky

  2. i always love how the colors in your photos pop! Blated happy Valentines to you. You seem to have had a blast!

  3. ohh lovely way to spend the vday... with blockmates! :)

  4. I like your pictures !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  5. Love your photos! I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!