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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day and Night

Models: Sabina Lee, Chelsea Ong and Abigail Gotianse (CHINESE PEOPLE FTW!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Such an eventful month I've had so far. The birthdays of my mom, brother and my birthday itself, 4 days of celebrating my birthday, SO MUCH SCHOOL WORK(research paper pls. die) and taking well as getting my photo taken.

Credits to Petra magno of Status Magazine for taking my photo. See it here.

This was my strike 2 on that day, just 5 minutes before this photo was taken, 2 girls came up to me and asked if they could take my photo for their fashion blog and I was speechless all I could say was "Oh..Uhhhhh....okay?"After they left I was feeling pretty good with myself so I went to Jsec (the student run cafeteria thing) and that's when 3 other people approached me asking for my photo.

What these people don't know is I'm wearing pajamas. THAT TOP IS A PAJAMAAAAA. I just felt like a gypsy that day so I wore it. :)

Weirdly enough my honorary sister has almost the same top. (ALSO A PAJAMA!) 

One day you'll spot us both wearing our pajama tops with the matching rings we bought in the summer!

New photos coming soon! I'm actually supposed to include my latest photoshoot in this post but I still need to re-order some things and post them all up for the models to see.

Instead of photos from my latest photoshoot, I'll leave you guys with photos from my birthday. I had 4 wild car rides on the 4 days I celebrated my birthday. One the day of, 2 the next day(jeep ride to my exposure trip in the morning with my blockmates and with my friends at night) and one on the 4th day with my other friends.


Photo from last year, pretty much the same people. I'm so glad to have my friends in my life, old and new. They're thee besssst!

I'll end this here before I get too sappy. BYEEE!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

"What have you been up to?" "Nothing I swear!!! HOW DARE YOUUU!"

Q: So what have I been up to?

Though I've been taking a few pictures here and there. Meaning NYE, a  debut, and a wedding but that's it. I've been too busy sleeping, eating and worrying about my research paper notefile that's due soon.

2011 has been WORK WORK WERRKKK so far for me and I'm near close to burning out from all of it but I think I'll survive. I made a deal with my dad that if I get a 3.0 QPI(4.0 being the highest) at the end of the sem then I'd get a new camera. This gives me such a mix of feelings because yes I'll finally get a new camera but then I'd have to sell my old camera which I've grown quite attached to. Ansel, my D40x, has been my camera for around 3 years now and I can't bear to part with him.

Ok, I'm getting too dramatic, ON TO THE PICTUREEEESS!!

These are from my blockmate's debut by the way. This is the first one I've shot(I actually got paid, in terms of lovely books, but paid nonetheless!) officially, I'm happy because she likes the photos. I actually took my time to edit them one by one, took around 10 mins for each photo, I made an action because I found this style that worked for most of them.

My oh my, look at the pretty table setting! I felt so bad for the roses at the end of the night, me and my blockmates took a liking to smashing them and seeing all the petals fly.


Oh, this is Sab by the way, it was her debut :)  But you probably already know her or recognize her since she's one of my favorite models. (Also in the photos but not as important : Cas and Kaiser)

THIS IS KAISER AND STEPH(STEFF? STEF? I DO NOT KNOW.) AREN'T THEY SO CUTEEEE. (This is a statement and not a question, notice the lack of a question mark at the end of the previous statement.)