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Saturday, December 11, 2010


I am in a rut.

My photography has been crap lately. I really miss my 50mm but all is well because my cousin will soon return it to me and triumphant angels will sing songs of praise once I get my beloved Narcissa back.

Yes the name of my 50mm is Narcissa.

I realize that I haven't done a photoshoot in a while. So here's one I did last wednesday because it was "Pretend to be a time traveler" day and some of my blockmates dressed up.

Oh what it would feel like to travel time.

The time travelers. 

Miss peace, love, joy, good vibes and all that jazz hippie.

The 60's english boy(yes, boy...hehe sorry Marj :P)

Some random guy we picked off the street. Jokeee. No, this guy is actually a ninja...Oh wait. maybe I shouldn't have said that.

The bad-ass slutty janitor.

I think I've found Spiderman ladies and gents.

I don't know exactly what he is but we made him fix his clothes because he looked dorky otherwise hehehe.

And that's the end.


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