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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Never ever trekking around without my chucks agaaaaiiin!

I haven't posted in this thing for so loooonnnng. I'm sorry! I've mostly been posting things here and there in my Tumblr because It's easier to post little bits of blogs and thoughts there than on here because I'd flood the pages here if I did. I like placing more thorough blogs here anyways. So little things = Tumblr, bigger things = here.

Get it??

MOVING ON!!! (Warning, post is PHOTO HEAVY)

As mentioned in my last blog, I had a photoshoot a while back and here's my longer blog about it filled to the brim with photos. ENJOOOY!

Recap: So two weeks ago on Dec 11 I had a little shoot in UP Diliman for this exhibit I'm joining. The exhibit is a thesis by a Senior in the Manila Waldorf School focusing on artworks showing the trials of female adolescents. I asked if I could enter in my photos for the exhibit and luckily I got in.

So I met up with Mirabai(the thesis senior...person) in Abelardo Hall and we headed to the Museum to meet up with two other artists and the friend of one of the artists. Together we all trekked through UP, stupid me I forgot to bring water so the whole time I was praying I wouldn't pass out.

Note: I wasn't a photographer for this photoshoot but a model. No, I will not show my photos because I suck at modeling, this is why I prefer to be behind the camera. Also, Mirabai has all the photos and she's still working on them. So photos from here on will be behind the scenes photos. They aren't necessarily in order because I'm too lazy to put them in order now :)

This was a funny little incident. We were shooting outside of the museum when out of nowhere all this gas starts spewing out of the vents. I'm 50% sure it was to kill all the pests underground but a part of me is saying that this is fates way of saying "I HAVE GIVEN THOU SMOKE. NOW USE IT!" So we did.

Thank you for browsing!

P.s. If anyone need a photographer next year, I'm up for hire! :) -wishful thinking-

  Whether it be for a random photoshoot or what-not. E-mail me at or comment here and we'll seeeee :)

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