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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs

I am happy. I am blessed. I am blissful. I am golden.

Basically, if my feelings right now were a song...It would be this song.

Ren and Stimpy, how I miss it.

I am happy because I got my 50mm lens back right in time for a photo shoot. I got to use Narcissa(my 50mm) to take behind-the-scenes photos for the photoshoot. This makes me happy because UP is such a nice place to take photos in, I swear it's like everytime I go there, I find somewhere new to shoot. This time I was introduced to a park and this wonderful pathway near the College of Music.

For those of you who follow my Facebook fanpage, you might have already seen some photos from this shoot like...

Post-processing photos after the shoot
Mirabai shooting Erica

This shoot was different because for once I wasn't a photographer for it but a model...which sucks because I really don't know how to model. Hard as I try, I always end up looking like a very very sad cabbage patch kid. I was only a model in the first place because I'm going to be one of the artists to be showcased in a small exhibit for the thesis of a student.

Meet Mirabai, aka. Miss Senior Thesis and Erica, the wild child painter. 

There were 2 artists with me, both of them were painters and I was the lone photographer, honestly I was a bit shocked because I didn't know any painters my age and in a world such as the one we have today, you don't really find a lot of young painters when they could just as easily use photoshop to "paint." The two other artists were so creative, it took me an hour to figure out what I wanted for my photo while they both just hit it off right away. Erica wanted a sort of sexy theme while Jasper wanted to play with the things in the park.

Anyways, this is all for now. I'll post the photos soon! I'm actually done editing all the photos I took but I'll wait until Mirabai finishes hers so I can show you guys photos that aren't bts.



  1. photoshoots are always fun ! i love being infront and behind the camera equally ! :)

    glisters and blisters

  2. Awww . . . I totally miss Ren and Stimpy! That was the good old Nickelodeon at its best! hehe

    Lovely blog you have here!