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Friday, November 05, 2010


I had an awesome shoot on Wednesday with the people from my May UP shoot. I had the most amazing time with them and it was all a mess but it was a fun mess.

I can't put the photos up yet but here are some outtakes. These are all SOOC(straight out of the camera) by the way, I just edited their sizes, added a watermark and compiled them all so if they look plain to you(as compared to my other photos), I apologise. I still quite like them though. 

While me and Lexie were waiting for the models, Geneive and Heidi, I took random photos of stuff in her room. I focused on oogling at the things she got from her Meg and Dia surprise box set.

  • my camera bag
  • golden tape (Lexie got the 6th tape out of 8 existing in the world)
  • letter from Meg
  • CD
  • Meg's signature 
  • Lexie's Holga which she never uses(and which I hope to buy from her in the future)

Once Gen and Heidi arrived we started planning what we wanted. We didn't have any clear ideas of what exactly we wanted to shoot but the main theme was "dolls" so we spent the next hour preparing for the shoot. Me and Lexie taught Michael the basics of aperture, ISO, shutter speed and what-not while Gen and Heidi did their make-up. 

Fastforward and TADA! Apparently, this is what dolls look like. I laughed so much when I saw the final outcome of their make-up. Heidi looked like a pristine little doll with a bad hair day while Gen looked like a crossover of a mermaid and a doll that had a permanent scowl on her face(see 1st photo in last row).

After a long first set, we finally decided to move on to our second set because we were losing light.
  • We put flour in Heidi's didn't turn out the way we wanted and it was full of clumps but we shot it anyways
  • The girls preparing
  • Michael[former bubblist(UP shoot) and now a photographer!] and the shoes I want so much :(

Took photos of the second set, thank goodness for the lights I brought because it was starting to get dark.

I couldn't stay long in Eastwood, as soon as we found a parking space and picked up Lexie's friend we headed off for Mcdo where my driver was waiting. On the way home I took some photos of cars and the billboards.

What killed me the most about this part of my day was that around 2 minutes after I put my camera back in my bag, I looked right and saw this huge billboard, what was interesting was this billboard was located on the roof of a house. The lights in the billboard showed 3 people underneath it, 2 guys and a girl, I suspect they're either siblings or friends. They were just sitting on the rooftop gazing at the cars passing by. The second the sight was over I regretted not having taken a photo of the moment.

I guess you can't win them all, or in my case...shoot them all..
pardon my cornyness

This is what you call "friendly love"

I'll post the final photos next week. Thank you all for reading!


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  2. nice set of photos! ive always wanted to work a photoshoot with friends. and by the way, your concept is unique! keep it rockin :)

    Xx,MISSY S

  3. This looks funnnn! Arianne and I are a two man show only :( It must be cool to have friends who like to model/make up/photograph!

    Bea from A plus B

  4. Hi there! I came across your site through Heidi's FB account. You really are good! Could I model for you too? I would love an X deal with you (especially if you are planning to go professional)! Keep it up! :)