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Monday, November 01, 2010

Benevolence in silence.

My net has been down the past few days and my life's just been a tornado of crazyness as it always has been. This sembreak has attacked me with lots of ideas and random acts (like jumping in a pool of rain water, leaves and disease with all my clothes on...not the best idea.) Sadly it's coming to an end soon.

My only regret is that my photography has been on the backburner for all this time, I sincerely regret not being able to take photos of moments I can now only relive in my mind.

This reminds me, apparently I was actually not behind in my 365...I was actually 2 days early. SAY WHAAAAT. But because of my camera-less adventures, I'm now 3(going on 4) days behind. I guess I'll have to remedy this tomorrow with a self-shoot?


If anyone's up for a photoshoot, e-mail me at :)

I know, the e-mail address so long. I shall make a new one soon!!


  1. I want to be shot! :) Haha. Do you do fashion shoots? Im looking for someone to shoot with! :) Hihi. I love your works :)


  2. This is a really cool shot!!!

  3. These pictures look fantastic. Love photoshoots! However, I live in Sydney!
    xx Van