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Monday, October 04, 2010

Stalking Matt Mullenweg and the Inifinity Babies

Saturday was an awesome day beyond words because of two things.

  1. Wordcamp Philippines 2010
  2. YFC-Z Infinity Camp
I can say it was a pretty good follow up to the day before if only my brother would get his lazy ass into the car and drive me to the bonfire. IT WOULD BE THE PERFECT ENDING TO THE WEEKEND.

Wordcamp Philippines 2010 

Got there early...but still ended up being late(whuuut?) The introductions were held early and I barely had enough time to look for Lexie and keep my sanity intact. Excuse the terrible quality in the photos to follow because I took them with my phone.

This is me, trying to keep my sanity intact.

And this is Lexie...not caring about me keeping my sanity intact.

Our first talk with people from Digital Boomerang. I learned the most from their talk. Their slideshow was awesomeee.

Then I went to a talk by the creator of Facebuko. Funniest part of the camp.

I  just wanted his shoes...

And then finally a photoblogging talk with Mr. Juned Sonido. Which honestly felt more like a photography lesson, but it was still great none the less.

Take note of the jacket he was wearing, wanna know what he had in the pockets?

He had these cameras. Well not just these, he had a bunch more that I forgot to take a picture of. So jeluzzz of him.

After that we ate lunch. The chicken was pretty good.

And I proceeded to doodle on my ID. Apparently my name change didn't go through cause my name was "TAR" NYAAH. 

And then me and my friends proceeded to stalk Matt Mullenweg.
I really wish we got to video Aja pulling me across the floor with my futile resistance.. while Lexie and MM stood at the back laughing.

And finally, here's a photo of Lexie's new phone! Taken by my phone!

YFC-Z Infinity Camp

I almost thought I wasn't gonna make it to camp but thanks to the wonders of God's power, I got there around 3:30 and bonded with the Inifinity babies. This time I brought my camera with me.

Met up with some old friends.

Visited the sports pavilion...

where Ekyl proceeded to pretend he was dead.

Then visited the actual camp and pictured the first thing I saw, which was the wall.

I have to say, it looked awesome.

Then went to Cadlum Hall to see the decorations for the night. 

And then back to disturbing the participants!

Took lots of photos while they were doing their activity. 

They were such a fun batch I swear. This was me two years ago...I feel so old :(

Group picture!!

So yes, this was my Saturday. It was pretty hectic and I didn't get to do any schoolwork but it's all worth it.

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