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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ok, so I lied. I'm back today because I couldn't keep away. I just wanted to blog about this...heeeee.

So I was talking to some high school friends last night on twitter and it lead to the discussion of some old photos I took for a project the student council in my school had.

And because I was bored, I decided to procrastinate studying for Math, and preparing for a big event for today, I looked up the photos and my jaw dropped. They really sucked. I mean..what the hell was I thinking. The composition was wrong, the background was distracting and I just hated myself for taking those photos.

So I tried to salvage them a bit and re-edited them. -see how they're all extremely long in width but short in height because the background was so ugly- 

I'm sort of happy with how the new ones turned out...sort of.

This is one of the Kada* photoshoots I did to help fund the some school council projects.

*Kada: Tagalog term for group of friends.

This makes me miss my high school friends... :(


Okok. Gonna stop now. Byeeee!

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  1. looks like alot of fun.xx