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Thursday, October 07, 2010

mind boggling.

Kill me naaaooo.
  • 2 English Papers due tomorrow
  • Math Long Test
  • Filipino Orals
  • Finals next week
This past week has been hell week for me, and next week will be hell week as well. 2 weeks of hell week.


The only thing that's minutely making me happy is my cousin's birthday on Saturday. She's turning 10 on 10/10/10. That's just mind boggling for me. I wish my birthday was that epic. So my other cousin, her sister, asked me to take photos of the party. Gah, I cannot wait to whip Ansel out and just forget everything and get lost in the moment.

Also, I have a small gathering with my friends -wink wink- so that should be fun.

Here's to surviving.

Ateneans, goodluck!

P.s. My facebook page now has 142 likes as I type this. I can't believe my shameless facebook-suggest-to-friends-plan worked! Gah. It's probably a small number for other people I know who have over 500 likes, but it's a start.


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