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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

build me up buttercup

Because I've been busy during the day and tired at night, my photography has suffered. I lost track of my 365 and I rarely took photos. So the night before last night (wait, what?) while I couldn't sleep, I decided to clear yesterday for a good old fashioned shoot. I haven't done one in ages and it felt good to take those kinds of shot again. The only pain was not having my 18-55mm because my 50mm f1.8 lens don't autofocus on my D40x.

Still, I had to move forward.

Since I couldn't autofocus with my 50mm, I had to have a stuff toy stand in for me so I could focus properly.

Had to have a bajillion shots before I got anything right. -_-

And then finally, I got the focus I needed. Right about this time I was chanting "PRAISE BABY JESUS!" For 10 minutes.

I know. Out in the world 5 million people are starving and my only problem is my lens won't focus. WELL IT'S MY PROBLEM DAMMIT! 

And so the fun began.

Had to take a break after several shots since the lights got hot. 
Also, see how useless it is for me to attempt to hide the remote?? I fail at this. I couldn't time the shots to 2 secs after I clicked the remote cause 2 seconds is an awfully long time to wait while lights were burning your skin. 

</Endless photos of the same thing>

I don't think I ever appreciated having such big windows before. :)

And of course I made a mess in my room after the shoot.

I still haven't cleaned up the mess. I ate my lunch first and then edited the photos. Clearly, I know my priorities.

I also made a lookbook look with the photos. My friends have been bugging me for a while so I figured that I'd kill two birds with one stone.

Peace out. 

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  1. what a fun post! self-portraits are always such a drag...i usually ditch the photos where my remote is clearly causes me too much anxiety just by looking at it! hahaha! kudos to your creative shots, though i doubt i would ever have the patience to wrap meself with have my respect for that.