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Monday, September 27, 2010


today we talked about how monday's felt dead, about how monday was the most useless day the of the week. we both had early morning classes and we woke up to each other's voices in our alarms screaming "wake up fool!"

today we talked about how weird your hands were, so full of callouses and yet silky smooth like a baby's butt full of johnson's baby lotion with some talcum powder on the side

today we talked about how unfair it was you slept in class and got A's while i furiously wrote notes and got B's.

today we talked about how one day this will all be gone but we'll be happy because atleast we got to experience some of it.

today we talked about how ironic it was that i loved vanilla while you were allergic to it. we talked about how i love seafood but hate to swim, how you love skydiving but hate heights. and then i proceeded to laugh because you're so fucking tall.

today we talked about what it would be like to go around the world, just you and me. the odd jobs we would do for money and the countless people we would have to sleep with to get through.

today we talked about that weird noise you make when you're sad. that face you pull when you're angry and the silly way you walked.

today we talked about the weird noises i make while stretching, how my name is appropriate because I sound like a cat and how i'm 50 million times more lazy than Garfield.

today we talked about catharsis, verisimilitude and other "big words" i learned in Filipino class and my failure at understanding any of them.

today we talked.

we talked about anything and everything.

but i never feel like it's enough, and one day when this is all over, i still won't think that it was enough.

but today you looked into my eyes and said "this moment right now is enough. we could cram into it whatever we like and it would still be our moment and that's what counts."

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