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Sunday, September 26, 2010

a picnic on a rooftop eating on an airbed with you.

we've had lots of conversations before. too many to count, but still a lot i can remember.

  • him: so what's the point of it all?
  • me: why are you asking me? I'm not God.
  • him: Aren't you close with him though? He's like...your God.
  • me: go ask your nature sprites.
  • him: I don't worship nature sprites.
  • me: ....
  • him: ok, maybe a little bit.

  • him: I got you pizza!
  • me: i can't eat pizza fool. i'm sick.
  • him: i got you cheetos!
  • me: i can't eat cheetos either!
  • him: I got you ice tea!
  • me: didn't you bring me anything useful??
  • him: i got
  • me: that'll do :)

  • Me: Ok, so if you could choose. Batman or Superman?
  • Him: Batman.
  • Me: Why Batman? He doesn't even have super powers? He's just a rich smart guy.
  • Him: Because. His theme song is cooler.
  • Me: What else?
  • Him: 2 words. Bat. Mobile.
  • Me: good jooooooob.

  • me: i found an old photo of us the other day.
  • him: yeah? where'd you find it?
  • me: your wallet
  • him what were you doing with my wallet?
  • me: what were you doing with my baby pictures?
  • him: oh you know, stare at them when i miss you.
  • me: weirdo
  • him: so what were you doing with my wallet?
  • me: stealing your money. we're eating pizza today.

and i remember all this because it's what doesn't make sense to anyone else but us.

Like balloons floating in mid-air with no where to go. 

That's us. "Excuse our appearances. We are taking apart yesterday to make way for tomorrow."

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