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Thursday, September 30, 2010

in the time i've known you.

from the messy notes of an crazy hyper blogger:

1 - the number of scars I got from you trying to teach me how to skate

2 - the number of hours it takes you to travel from my house to yours

3 - the number of Hersheys chocolate bars that I've stolen from you

4 - the number of eggs we cracked and killed during the time we pretended we could bake a decent cake

5 - the number of photos you have of me in various awkward phases of my life.

6 - the number of doritos you owe me. BITCH I WANT THEM NAO.

7 - the number of phone calls your mom listened in on and said Hi to me.

8 - the number of post-its that I've put up on your wall.

9 - the number of times you've texted me in the past minute.

10 - the number of letters you've filled my box of memories with.

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