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Thursday, September 30, 2010

WHERE ARE MY DAMN CHEETOS (warning, rated F for fucked. PG 100+)

In amidst of all this school werk(yes, I said werk.) I've been finding it harder and harder to find time to take photos. I guess that's why I like celltography so much because it's easy to just whip my phone out and take photos.

I didn't get to take a lot of photos today though. And I didn't have time tonight because I've been busy writing a Literary Analysis paper. It doesn't help that my friends keep on bugging me as well...


Yes Wobz, I'm talking to you.

I had a freecut in PE today! So I spent my time being a good student and reading the stories I had for Lit while my blockmates played Tap Tap Revenge.

And when I was done studying I took candid photos of my blockmates.

Sometimes my candid photos weren't candid.

So when all else fails, take photos of the ground!

And that was basically my day. Went to school, studied, took photos, went home, studied some more, and here I am now.

Wow my life is boring.

Good thing I have awesome friends to keep me sane...which in my case means crazy.

As my best friend Jeff says "It's better to be fucked with your friends, than be fucked alone."

Because really. Fucked alone...what are you... masturbating?


but you get the point...don't you? This is probably something that only makes sense with my friends then.


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