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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've never liked taking photos with my cellphone because up until recently, I had a crappy phone with a crappy camera. I only ever used it to take photos of fun times with my friends and family, moments where I didn't have my camera with me.

Today was the beginning of experimentation for me. I managed to take some shots with my phone while we were filming things for my Filipino class. All of these are straight out of the camera/cellphone(SOOC) with the addition of my watermark.

I've grown quite fond of them.

More sleeping photos. 

I keep on wondering why everyone was sad, and then I realize it's 8 am in the morning and school is a bitch.

Fortunately people started getting merrier.

And then the wild jejemons appeared...

And then we had to go to class...

I just stared at my shoe while we waited.

and then classes ended

So we went and filmed

and headed back to chill

finally it was almost time to go home and we were all happy to get some rest.

So we packed our bags and headed out

The sky was cloudy

and the ground was dry.

Overall today was a good day.

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